USDA Loan Submission Form

Only fill in those items that apply to your loan request.
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Industrial Acquisition Loan?
Purchase/Refinance Land & Building?
Requested Loan Amount
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Requested Loan Term?
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Purchase/Refinance Amount?
Business Acquisition?
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Balance on Loan (if Refinance)
Construction — Renovation?
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After Repair Value (if necessary)
Working Capital? (explain)
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Property Under Contract?
Industrial Construction Loan?
USDA Loan Submission Form
Purchase of Machinery?
Marketing Facility?
Working Capital (explain if applicable)
Processing Facility?
Purchase of Supplies? (explain)
Existing Co-op? (expain)
Purchase of Equipment?
Start-up Co-op?
Pollution Control and Abatement?
Startup Costs (explain if applicable)
Industrial Rehab or Development Loan?
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